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Porter Davis Homes Website Case Study

Implementing an enterprise-ready, fully integrated digital experience platform


Porter Davis is a leading Australian home builder.  The company had invested a considerable amount of resources in a premium-priced website and CMS technology for many years, but was not getting the value from it – “A Ferrari parked dormant in the garage”. They had appointed a consulting company to develop a new website but after 8 months, hadn’t managed to progress.

The solution.

Sonar Group was awarded the project and delivered an initial MVP website, including integration with Mulesoft API, Salesforce, and and third-party data management, and with a new look and feel within 4 months. Sonar continues to be engaged to execute the phased approach with additional functionality and experience updates – including tighter integration with Salesforce.

The results.

The website performance has been excellent and is outperforming the previous (and far more costly) enterprise-platform, better in key metrics, particularly generating more traffic through SEO, and converting more and better qualified leads – at a significantly lower cost. The website has now helped secure hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars of home sales revenue annually. 

A significant improvement across all metrics, notably a double-digit increase in sales conversion

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