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Providing information that is useful, and communicating it in a way that is easy to understand and action.


Whilst the type of work we do varies from project to project and from client to client, there are two common elements across all of our work. Firstly, our drive to help move our clients’ business in a measurable way. Secondly, using data and analytics to measure and be accountable for our work over time.

Every engagement we have has clear objectives and measurable outcomes. Our ongoing analytics and reporting is easy to follow, and focuses on insight and direct action. We focus on information that is ‘useful’ as opposed to just ‘interesting’.

This includes connecting data from multiple sources, spotting trends, and developing a hypothesis to test in the next reporting period. It includes answering the questions we can now, and developing a roadmap of the questions we can answer in the future with additional work in connecting or manipulating data, or working with another part of the business.

Core Services:

Sonar Analytics and Data Services is a source of competitive advantage for our clients, allowing them to be agile in an increasingly competitive environment. Specific services include:

  • Measurement plans
  • Tagging specifications
  • Tagging implementation
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Marketing channel attribution
  • Dashboards & visualisation
  • Data integration
  • Data strategy
  • Analytics Audit
  • Technical Analytics Support
  • Training

Data & BI platforms we use

We work with a variety of software providers including:

Data & Analytics Services

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