VicSuper Martech

Strategic consulting around Martech investments

The opportunity.

VicSuper had invested in its Sitecore platform and infrastructure, and was facing the need to upgrade since the current version would not be supported for much longer. Faced with time pressure, VicSuper reached out to Sonar for help in making an informed decision.

The solution

Sonar embarked on a consulting project working alongside VicSuper IT. It included defining the requirements across the organisation, and the technical requirements including moving to cloud, and translating these into a weighted scorecard. Sonar then vetted the Sitecore solution alongside other potential solutions including open source and competing providers. With Sitecore remaining the preferred path, Sonar then built the business case for moving to the latest version of Sitecore.

This included setting targets based on enhanced personalisation using existing analytics to define benchmarks around customer acquisition and retentionLastly, Sonar prepared the business case alongside VicSuper IT and the CFO, and the final Board recommendation.

The results.

The board approved the business case, and VicSuper has started to see the gains it highlighted in the business case.

Incremental growth

Board-approved business case

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