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Working with brands to provide the tools - capability, software/technology, and process - to allow them to accelerate their revenues.


Sonar Group’s Consulting Services varies in breadth and depth, but always involves strong client collaboration. It can mean working onsite at a client helping them to accelerate in their sophistication relating to parts of the digital marketing mix, developing a roadmap, and briefing external agencies on a program of work. Or, it can mean a bespoke project looking to unlock a piece of the Martech stack where the CMO has invested but not seen a return.

In both cases we typically monetise the value available and then work with the client to deliver – using our collective resources. Our consulting services, and overall delivery, also involves an element of education and training. This can be from a business lense, educating a CMO on an element of digital marketing, or training a member of the client’s existing Marketing Team on how to use a specific tool (eg. GTM, Data Studio, Paid Search, etc.)

Core Services:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Martech Stack Optimisation
  • Onsite Team Augmentation
  • Procurement support
  • Training

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