Our Services

Learn about our core Services offering, check out some of our recent case studies, and see where we've added value to our client's businesses.

Our Services

We believe that great work relies on collaboration with our clients. Whilst the type of work we do varies from project to project and from client to client, there are common elements across all of our work. Firstly, our drive to help move our clients’ business in a measurable way. Secondly, we integrate with our client’s teams to help define the strategy and provide the skills and scale to deliver. And finally, every engagement we have is defined by clear objectives and measurable outcomes – supported by our ongoing analytics and reporting framework which is easy to follow and focuses on clear insights and direct action. This active collaboration is a core feature of Sonar and plays an important role in how we work and how we deliver results.

The way we work

  • We integrate with our client’s teams to help define the strategy and provide the skills & scale to deliver
  • We help our clients become more data & insights driven in their marketing decisions

How we do it.

To prioritise your overall investment, we will focus first on the digital house keeping that facilitates all future activity. Typically this provides for a suite of strategically considered quick-wins that you can implement immediately – internally, with Sonar’s support, or even via your existing agency partners. Then together, we will move into identifying and actioning the more strategic opportunities that can make the biggest business and commercial impact, with the least effort. Finally we will outline the long term direction, areas to explore over the coming year. This might be a more sophisticated engagement strategy, or deeper integration with a broader tech-stack.

Way of working & how we can help your business

Our clients.

We have been very fortunate to work with a broad range of clients across multiple industry sectors. Here are a few of our client partners.