VicSuper Case Study

Hitting Fund Under Management (FUM) targets through the implementation of an integrated digital programme of work

The objective.

VicSuper has 2 key objectives. Firstly, to ensure they meet their targets in customer acquisition and retention today. Secondly, to provide the infrastructure to deliver a leading customer experience tomorrow.

The solution.

Sonar has worked closely with VicSuper on both objectives. Sonar Group provides senior on-site marketing services to work as the Digital Marketing lead at VicSuper, to ensure full integration across activities and strong efficiencies as it eliminated the need for agency briefings and agency project management/account management. Here are the specific additional services Sonar provided relative to VicSuper’s objectives:


Meeting Acquisition and Retention targets

  • Automated Analytics. Monetised targets and provided automated reporting using a variety of data inputs.  Automated reporting across key user journeys and applications including financial solutions advisor (Beeline) and Online Join.
  • Integrated Search. Provided integrated search (SEO and PPC) strategy to ensure attracting traffic while maintaining and improving conversion numbers.
  • Improved Acquisition Journeys.  Reviewed and modified user journeys through entry and conversion for the primary objectives.
  • Paid Social. Provided a campaign approach to paid social campaigns managing multiple campaigns, with different owners and budgets, yet being efficient with the spend

Providing the infrastructure for the future:

  • Business Requirements Definition and Documentation.  Working across business units to define requirements of a new CMS Platform in terms of content publishing and analytics and personalisation.
  • Business Case Definition.  Sonar Group worked with VicSuper to define the business case for the new CMS including detailed costing, and projected return from an enhanced experience.
  • Customer Experience MVP.  Sonar Group was engaged by VicSuper to do a multi-department CX MVP project using identified customer segments and facilitating workshops across the business around enhancing the segments through qualitative data and then validating the data against over 10 Member interviews.
  • Team Training.  Sonar Group has provided a number of training to VicSuper Marketing including introductory sessions on analytics and search, as well as basic HTML.
  • Personalisation Programme. Developed the testing roadmap, including test designs and monetised value, to launch the programme. Assisted and trained the VicSuper team on using Sitecore personalisation.

The results.

VicSuper exceeded business targets by over 20% resulting in a monetised value of $8m over target.


Exceeded business targets

$8M +

Above target value

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