The Mind, Body and Soul Allowance

Scott Heron
October 5, 2021

In February of this year, we launched the Mind, Body and Soul initiative at Sonar.


It is a really simple idea that we borrowed from Wunderman, the agency we worked at in London.


The Mind, Body, and Soul allowance is a sum of money that Sonar provides to its employees to keep the juices flowing.


It can be used for anything as long as it enriches your mind, body, or soul.


In this industry it is important to try and stay rejuvenated and refreshed.  This comes in different forms for different people.


It is up to you on what you spend it on, but one thing – you have to tell the team what you are using it for.


Over the past year our team has used it to buy a pair of running shoes, weights for a home gym, a classical guitar, and for a baby harness for a pending new arrival.


I find people spend it on some things they have been thinking about getting, but haven’t quite pulled the trigger.  In my case, I got a slightly better classical guitar than I might have otherwise.  And I have been deliberating on getting a guitar for about two years.


It isn’t a huge sum of money, $300, but it is a little thing and I feel like it goes a long way.  Not only in giving a bit of a nudge to people to indulge in something that will fuel them, but also in the team share around what they have used it for, and a bit of additional insight into our people.


It is a small thing that makes Sonar, Sonar.

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