Adworld - Takeaways and Tips to Help with Your Digital Marketing Strategy

In October, I spent 3 whole days at Adworld, one of the largest online events for digital marketers in the world. It consists of the world’s brightest minds in advertising coming together to learn and share secrets in the industry. Here are some of my key takeaways.

Sarah Ozkeser
February 15, 2022

Less is more when it comes to copywriting

38% of Australian adults have a reading level of years 11-12, while 30% have a reading level of years 7-10. Therefore, any copywriting that goes over this mark is wasting (up to) 68% of a budget. The lower your reading level goes – the higher your ROAS shoots up.

Search is evolving – what does this mean for advertising?

What are consumers doing?

Consumers are doing more long-tail searches because they expect direct answers, and Google is the one controlling those answers. Every time a visitor to your website bounces back to Google, it’s tracked and can be rated.

What impact does this have on your business?

This signal can help inform your usefulness and may impact future ratings. Therefore, lowering your bounce rates and increasing visitor engagement is critical – since your user experience is one of the most important aspects of online success moving forward.

What is the key takeaway?

Well, 66% of customers agree that a frustrating experience on a website hurts their opinion of the brand overall. 55% agreed that a bad mobile experience makes them less likely to engage with the company and 52% said if they really liked the brand or company, they are disappointed if the mobile site is a bad experience.

What should brands do?

Brands should be making sure that their customers have a positive experience on their website since this is crucial to the success of your business – a happy customer is one who is likely to become a loyal customer who can help boost revenue. The best marketing that money can buy is a customer who will promote your business for you – one who is loyal to your brand or product and service, promotes your business through word-of-mouth marketing, and advocates your brand or product and service to their friends and family.

What are the recommended actions?

It’s crucial to make the experience as easy for a customer as possible. Actions should be easy to find, straightforward to execute and leave a customer happy about how simple a process was. Ensure it’s a harmonious process – go through the entire process yourself or get someone to test it for you. See where actions aren’t so smooth or are just plain broken. This will allow you to fix problems before they arise (and avoid a terrible review or angry email).

The ‘Amazon Hack’ influencing advertising

One of my favourite takeaways was ‘the Amazon hack’, used to identify common problems with the type of product you’re selling. This is how it works:

  1. If you go to Amazon and search for your product and open the most sold product, scroll to the 1-star reviews and find the one with the most upvotes.
  2. Using this information, you are able to find specific product objections that your product does not suffer from.
  3. Reverse these objections and feature them in your ad copy. For example, if you search ‘leggings for women’ and scroll to the 1 star reviews and find comments about how they are see-through – reverse this in the ad copy to pinpoint most customers’ pain points on the product.


Distinguishing key touch points along your customers’ journey, collecting customer feedback to improve or keep iterating on those experiences, and evaluating trends and trying to differentiate yourself from your competitors will help you improve customer attitude about your brand — and keep them telling their friends and family about your business. Hit us up for more insights if you attended the conference!

Author’s note:

Sarah is an Associate Consultant in the Performance team. Sarah specialises in Paid Social working closely with clients on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and LinkedIn. She takes an active role in developing paid social strategies for clients that support their overall digital marketing program.

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