Leveraging historical POS and ecommerce data to build a local area digital marketing programme

The opportunity.

Luxottica identified a handful of key partners that generate a disproportionate amount of their sales.  Luxottica introduced us to one of their key retail partners who owns and operates over 25 stores across Australia.  

The brief was to work with the Partner to help support incremental frame sales growth and online eye-care consultation bookings. 

The solution.

Sonar Group reviewed the Partner’s existing Point of Sale (PoS) data across its store network, going back 2 years – close to 1m rows of data!  We compiled this data into 1 place and identified key customer segments by total value, value of purchase, recency, age, and sex. 

We then activated these customer segments through a digital performance programme, and a hypothesis-based approach testing likelihood of purchase based around geo-targeted messages involving a compelling offer.

The results.

The Luxottica Partner’s stores saw an uplift of 200% in online sales during the campaign period. Conversions for eye-test bookings up over 25%. And Luxottica is leveraging their data-led insights to help power their broader marketing communications activities ongoing. 


Uplift in online sales


Increase in eye-test bookings

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