Get To Know Angus

Known for his highly-competitive spirit at Sonar Socials - Let's get to know Angus, our Go-To for All-Things-Google!

Angus Gawn
October 20, 2023

1. What is your role at Sonar?

Lead Consultant, Performance.


2. What made you to work in Marketing?

I was drawn to working in search marketing because it requires a pretty unique combination of language skills, and data analysis. I’ve always liked working with language (planned on being a journalist once upon a time) so SEO and paid search allow me to apply those skills to marketing and business. 

2. What was your very first job? 

I had a million different holiday jobs growing up including beekeeping, dairy farming, lamb butchering, delivery driving, berry picking and construction. My first real job was at a student media company.

3. Do you have a dream job? If so, what is it?

Ooo, tough one, don’t think so, maybe the owner of an NBA team?


4. What is your favourite thing about working at Sonar?

The best part about working at Sonar is when a client has a big problem we are able to solve. Sometimes to save them money, sometimes to increase sales, sometimes just to make their life easier.


5. What do you enjoy outside of work?

I like cooking. I’ve been doing a lot of baking during covid. I watch and play as much sport as I can (though I only play socially these days).


6. What is your favourite food/s and drink/s?

I don’t really have favourites. I always go for whatever is new, weird or something I’ve never tried before.

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