Coffee with Thad

Welcome to Sonar Group’s ‘Team Coffee’ series. Today we sit down with Thad to have a coffee and get to know him better.

Thad Hoskin
March 25, 2022

1. What is your role at Sonar?

I am a Junior Developer. My role consists of lots of things. I get the opportunity to work across multiple projects in a single day which i really enjoy. The work itself can be anything from building out new content (which we have received figma files for), to finding and fixing ‘bugs’ on one of our sites, and also building out new features for our existing clients’ websites.


2. What was your very first job? 

Cleaner, while I was at school, at the local mall (luckily, after hours).


3. Do you have a dream job? If so, what is it?

I am relatively new to development so I am really enjoying it at the moment. If i could somehow work in the NBA in some capacity, within the dev/software area, I think that would be the dream job!


4. What is your favourite thing about working at Sonar?

I really enjoy the work environment, although we have been working from home so much lately I feel that we still have good comms, and it has been a seamless transition to working from home. When we are back in the office, it’s also great to see everyone in person and have a good catch up. 


5. What do you enjoy outside of work?

Outside of work, I like to exercise, whether it be the gym or running. Also like to listen to music and go skateboarding, although falling off onto concrete is getting quite tedious, so just keep it chill at the moment. 


6. What is your favourite food/s and drink/s?

Food favourite is a toss up between hot chippies and Himalayan Salt kettle chips (with french onion dip). And drinks, don’t mind an oat flat white, and can’t go past a spicy marg!

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