Coffee with Ben

Hannah Bailey
January 6, 2021

Welcome to Sonar Groups ‘Team Coffee’ series. Today we sit down with Ben to have a coffee and get to know him better.




1. What is your role at Sonar?

Performance Consultant. My role is to assist Sonar clients with their digital marketing campaigns across a variety of platforms – assess and report on what’s working, and very occasionally what’s not, in addition to proposing new ideas and strategies to help them achieve and surpass their business goals.


2. What are your personal career goals?

Great question! Sadly, I don’t have a great answer. I’ve always wanted to do some good, so to speak, but I’ve never really strived for a specific role as such. I have always been interested in continually adding to my skill set through exposure to new challenges, platforms and so on that force me to think and adjust. If I had to set a goal today I’d probably base it on the world’s growing realisation that data, in any form, is key to success – whatever that might be. I’d like to work with animals, that’s a bit off topic though – let’s go with animal conservation.


3. What is a perfect work day for you?

After walking the dog – which is a good way to start any day – the perfect work day for me would be one full of opportunity. Whether that’s learning from a colleague, or solving a problem, there are always opportunities to further your own understanding of emerging tools, techniques and platforms. I think Covid forcing people to work individually has really shone a light on the benefits of collaboration and that’s certainly something that, in this ever changing environment, I’d been keen to participate more in.


4. Where do you look for inspiration for your work?  (websites, podcasts, publications etc)

Colleagues and friends in the industry, primarily. I read blogs and am subscribed to newsletters too, but I find it far more enjoyable to strike up conversation with someone – where questions can be asked, etc. I also keep an eye out for inventive ads/campaigns that force me to think differently about what is achievable. Inspiration is everywhere.


5. What do you enjoy outside of work?

Fulfilling a childhood dream, I decided to finally start learning the drums during lockdown(s) and also enjoy travel, walks with my dog and roadtrips. Having relocated from the UK 5 years ago, I’m also still very much into my football (soccer).


6. What is your favourite thing about working for Sonar?

I’ve only just started but I’ve been amazed at how welcoming everyone has been. There’s a really great atmosphere – even though I’ve only experienced it via Zoom – and there are plenty of opportunities to learn from others.


7. What are your top three songs, books, podcasts, and movies?

This is a tough one… top 3 songs I’d say were: Panama by Van Halen, Enter Sandman by Metallica and Fortunate Son by Creedence.

Books: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, La Roja by Jimmy Burns and Sir Alex Ferguson’s autobiography.

Movies: Sicario, Anchorman and The Mask


8. What is your favourite food?

It’s close – I’d say Mexican but, Italian runs it close.


9. What is your favourite quote?

“Get to the chopper!” Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator

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